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At Netser Group, we have over 20 years of experience in the Latin American and Caribbean markets, delivering cutting-edge and reliable IT solutions to businesses like yours. We recognize that technology plays a vital role in achieving success in today's digital era. That's why we provide a wide spectrum of IT services tailored to address all your needs.

Why hire IT services for your company?

In today's digital world, your company is confronted with various technological challenges that can impact your operations. Our team of experts is ready to provide the support you need to address these challenges swiftly and efficiently, ensuring the continuity of your operations and minimizing costly downtime.

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Our Services

Managed Services


Break and Fix Contracts

Help Desk

Remote Support Preventive Maintenance

Data Center


Data Storage



WMware, Hyper-v





Hands and Eyes/

Remote hands

Staffing Services


Multi-country contract Flexibility

Compliance with local legislation

IT Projects

Massive Rollouts

Image Uploads

Regional Deployments

Project Management


Import & export

IOR Services

Warehouse in country



Breach Detection

Managed Firewall Penetration Testing

Endpoint Protection

Hiring IT services provides you with the experience, flexibility, and efficiency necessary to drive your company's success in today's highly competitive and digital corporate environment.

Benefits of choosing IT services with Netser Group

Experience and specialized knowledge

✔We have the experience to develop solutions tailored to the needs of each industry. By trusting Netser, you will have access to specialized knowledge and best practices in the industry, allowing you to optimize your operations and stay at the technological forefront.

Strategic and personalized approach

✔We understand that each company is unique and has specific needs and objectives. That's why our IT services adapt to your business environment, providing you with personalized and strategic solutions that drive your growth and improve your operational efficiency.

Cost and resource savings

✔Avoid the expenses associated with hiring and training staff, technology infrastructure, software licenses and ongoing maintenance. With our focus on operational efficiency and best practices, your company will be able to optimize your IT budget and maximize your ROI.

Security and data protection

✔Our IT services include robust data protection and security solutions, helping to safeguard your critical business information and ensure the continuity of your operations. With Netser, you can rest assured that your infrastructure and data are in good hands.

Innovation and scalability

✔You will be able to access innovative and scalable technology solutions that adapt as your company grows and evolves. We give you the flexibility and agility to adapt to market changes and take advantage of new opportunities.

Regional Coverage with single point of contact

✔Local technical service in multiple countries, allowing you to easily manage the requirements of your offices in the region. All our clients have an Account Manager to attend to their requirements and ensure compliance with the agreed SLA.

Don't let a lack of experience or technological resources hinder your company's potential. Trust in Netser, your partner in comprehensive technological solutions that will empower you to achieve success in an ever-evolving digital world.

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